An Open Request for your Help and Advice

An Open Request for your Help and Advice:

Dear friends, all over the world,

We are looking for ideas on “how to dispose of sunflowers which have absorbed radiation (From the Fukushima Sunflower Foster Parent Project. We also need ideas for the safe disposal of other plants, such as field mustard, which have also been reported as having radiation absorbing properties.)

In Fukushima, the authorities are now establishing a method how to dispose rubbles which has been polluted by radiation. There is a possibility that rubble will be disposed of at waste incineration plants which are equipped with special filters in order not to leak radiation in into the air.

Currently, it seems that plants which have absorbed radiation will also be burned at waste incineration plants.

If, however, anyone knows of more effective ways to dispose of rubble and plants that have absorbed radiation, please let us know. This would help us reduce our fear and our worry about how to dispose of these, and other items, which have been polluted by radiation.

We appreciate your help very much.

For Fukushima’s future

For Children in Fukushima

We would like to open our minds to listen to your ideas.

Could you kindly tell us your idea?

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.