Fukushima Sunflower Foster Parent Project

Fukushima Sunflower Foster Parent Project

We would like to express our deepest condolences to those who lost their homes, lives and their families to The East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami on March 11 and sincerely hope that the whereabouts of missing persons will be found as soon as possible.

We, the residents of Fukushima, are now facing to two big challenges:

1. Rebuilding from the direct damage of The East Japan Great Earthquake

2. How to deal with the radiation emitted by the nuclear power plant, after the earthquake and tsunami severely damaged its 5 reactors.

How do we struggle to overcome it? We are now trying.

We know that the direct damage caused by the Earthquake and Tsunami will be recovered from someday.

However, removing anxiety about invisible radiation is not easy.

If we did nothing to counteract the radiation, nothing would change no matter how many years passed after the accident.

So, we think it is a good opportunity to try to make a difference in whatever way we can.

Yes, we are now taking a chance about the potential of Sunflowers to absorb radiation from the ground.

Since Sunflowers blooms in summer and seeds should be planted in June, we had to be in a hurry to launch this project. People all over Japan gave us precious advice, and we have improved our methods and approach, step by step.

The main objectives [key points and slogans] of our project are:

  • “Creating jobs”
  • “Creating ties between people in Japan and around the world with the people living in Fukushima (and other areas of Japan affected by radiation).”
  • “Don’t forget Fukushima”

The above points are our main messages and themes.

We are looking forward to your participation in the Fukushima Sunflower Foster Parent Project.