Fukushima Sunflower Foster- Parent Project

Fukushima Sunflower Foster- Parent Project

~Don’t forget Fukushima. Let’s create a bond between the people all over Japan and the people in Fukushima~

It is a great sadness that radiation caused by a nuclear plant accident has polluted Fukushima prefecture. People in Fukushima have suffered from earthquake, Tsunami, and nuclear power plant accident. Fukushima Sunflower Foster Parent Project has kicked off in order to plant sunflowers in soil in Fukushima as a symbol of the rebuilding of Fukushima.

It has been proven that sunflowers can absorb radiation from soil.

We need “foster parents of sunflowers” to raise sunflowers, harvest the seeds in autumn and send them to Fukushima.

This project also creates job for disabled people and for people who lost their jobs due to this big disaster in Fukushima.

Flow of this project

Our Purpose: To create a bond between Fukushima residents and people all over Japan, and speak out for the rebuilding of Japan with a symbol of rebuilding: The Sunflower.

Summer 2011

-Plant sunflowers

-Encourage people in Fukushima with reports of the growing of sunflowers

Autumn 2011

-Get seeds and send them to the project organizers

Spring 2012

-Deliver seeds to organizations and people who can plant sunflowers in Fukushima

Summer 2012

-Plant sunflowers. They will bloom as a symbol of rebuilding Fukushima.

Bank Account & Paypal Account( info@sunflower-fukushima.com )

We would be very happy if you kindly support our project.

If you wish to give us financial support, please transmit money to the bank account below:

1) To directly transfer money from a Yuucho Bank account, please use the following information:

Yuucho Bank

Account Name: Fukushima Himawari Satooya Project

Account Number: 18290-25680291

2) To directly transfer money from another bank (not a Yuucho Bank), please use the following account number:

Branch number: 828

Account type & number: Normal (“futsu”) 2568029

Please take a look at Yucho bank’s website

“Remittance from overseas to Japan Post Bank Account


Please take a look at Paypal’s website


Sunflowers in the Media

Information about sunflower covered in media

Sunflower, it is effective on removing radiation

Mr. Tstsumi Sumi, (Elementary school of Tsukuba Univesity)

It has been proven that some plants have an ability of absorbing radiation with its root from soil.

Sunflowers, especially, show a high rate of absorption.

It is said that Sunflowers can remove 95% of the radiation in soil in 20 days. Normally, it would take about 30 years until the radiation level was reduced to a safe level.
(Source: NTV, “The Most Useful Lectures in the World”)

Contact info

Contact person: Yasuhiro FUJISHIMA

Mail to: info@sunflower-fukushima.com

TEL: (International calls) +81-80-1690-0711; (from within Japan, please call:

FAX: (International fax) +81-248-72-2722; (from within Japan, please send your fax to: 0248-72-2722

Website: http://www.sunflower-fukushima.com